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I don't know, I would have to have been there to make a call on it. Maybe it was different. However, if someone in truth acted toward me they way Drew described, I would leave that dojo immediately and never look back. In fact I have done that in the past, although it didn't happen to be an Aikido dojo. I've seen some big ego stuff over the years in Aikido, and it wasn't pretty.

I personally don't believe in putting the teacher on a pedastal etc. I admit to be rather extreme - my students, and I've been teaching for almost 18 years, have never called me Sensei, and I don't want them to. My name is Larry. But that's just my personal style.

Of course if anybody needs a lesson in humility (I've had mine thanks), just go into a BJJ school and have a friendly go with a BJJ black belt....

Larry Novick
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ACE Aikido
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