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Re: Poll: Do you know anyone at an advanced level in aikido who has never taught aikido in any formal ca

I don't know: this all seems a little narrow-minded.
Why does a business loan make you a better aikidoka?
Peter Rehse was saying that there are people with half a lifetime's aikido under their belt who don't teach. Does that devalue their aikido? Who are we to say?

I have trained under a 6th dan who takes every class, well or sick.
There are several 3rd dans there who have never taught a class.
But they are always helping juniors and in the last few years have brought many through to shodan and now higher. They are always training with them before & after class & are showing them things.

Who's to say that their aikido is less worthy than the equivalent 3rd dan (or the green 2nd dan whose sensei says "right, time to open your own dojo to spread the word") who has people call him sensei?
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