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[quote]Erik wrote:
[b]I have seen a counter done with kote gaeshi where you take the high fall, something happens, and your partner subsequently takes a fall. I'm a little unclear on the something happens part. Could someone enlighten me on this?

I think I know what you refer to. That counter(kaeshi waza as someone has correctly said) could be one kick to the head of the KG performer(uke/tori?) or extending his arm in order to pull him of balance. Bein the former the most benevolent. The first, indeed, can cause serious damage to tori(/uke?). I have once saw two friends practicing randori and one of them, who was performing gotegaeshi, was knoked down by a the kick counter. It is very dangerous for both uke and tori to perform such a technique, there are other counters to kote gaeshi. Also, kothe gaeshi when performed in a downward manner has but litlle chances to escape.

take care of your selves and donīt do circus-like things because they look or feel fancy.


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