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Re: Poll: Should an aikido instructor date a student of theirs?

Well, I'm passing on this one. Inasmuch as aikido implies a morality, it, as in most Eastern philosophies, takes life on face value. I am on my guard when ever I heard "should". It always means someone's interpretation supercedes someone else's. The question is biased. "yes" may mean a pair 'might' date or may mean a student 'should' date sensei (?all students!!!!). "No" may mean a pair can date but ill-advised, or may mean "never". "yes" & "no" for this question is bound to be insufficient or misunderstood. In an increasingly confused world, it is best to learn from Aikido and O Sensei - be master of your world and the universe will follow. "Should" & "should not" may be the root of many an offense.
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