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Re: Poll: Do you know anyone at an advanced level in aikido who has never taught aikido in any formal ca

The answer is yes, I have. And I have always felt that promotion to senior rank (5th dan and above) should be predicated on the levels that you have brought students up to. No one should ever be promoted to rokudan (for example) who has never started a beginner at white belt and taken him or her all the way up to sandan.

I can hear people thinking "waaayyyyy harsh!" but that's just me. Yondan is, or should be contingent on contribution as well, I believe, but again, that's just me. And as long as I'm burying myself, I'll go a bit further and say that godan and above should also be reserved for those who put their butts on the line and go out and create their own dojos. That's where real commitment begins - when you write that first check for $15,000.00 for a down payment or sign a lease.

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