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Re: Is Morihei Ueshiba really O Sensei

sanskara wrote:
I get the impression from reading this thread that some think Tohei was a post-war student. Check your history, he was quite pre-war. His unique approach to Aikido fits his preferences and is not necessarily indicative of the training he received from Ueshiba. At one time he suggested that only 60% of his taijutsu was Ueshiba influenced--I'd have to dig up that quote, I can't recall where it is exactly. In any event, he was very much a part of the Hell dojo climate; he simply chose another expression of the art.
Tohei Sensei started in 1939 and trained until he was drafted in 1942 (Source: Aiki Encyclopedia) but he didn't have the "flavor" of the pre-war folks. I think he and O-sensei were very much in sync as they came out of the war... both had a vital spiritual compenent to their training which influenced how they percieved and executed their waza. That's why O-Sensei invested so much responsibility in Tohei Sensei. It was only later that Tohei had problems with other Honbu teachers and the Doshu wwhich lad to the split.

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