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Chris Birke
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Re: "Cheating" to survive a real fight

"Yes but what I meant was that when facing multiple attacks why purposely go to the ground."

No one advocates this.

Why do you think people advocate this? Please find me an example of it.

This is a tired argument, because it has been resolved time and time again. The bjj, wrestling, grappling etc, counter to multiple attackers is not to get knocked down, and if you do get knocked down, stand back up. No art teaches you better how not to get knocked down, and if so, how to get back up, than arts that focus on grappling and takedowns.

When I say, ground and pound is an effective tactic, I did not say that it was the best tactic in all situations, or that it is the only tactic. Simply that it is effective, efficient, and common. Because of this, being familiar with it is very valuable.

Stop attacking a straw man.
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