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David Yap
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Re: Is Morihei Ueshiba really O Sensei

Hi all,

Though the AJ's Chart of O Sensei's direct students does not specifically state O Sensei trained who at where and for how long, etc. it does show when these students commenced their training in aikido. Besides this chart, reading other historical literature do show that Shioda, Tohei and Tomiki did commenced their training before WW2, came back after the war and recommenced training with O Sensei at Iwama.

Most people perceived styles as "fighting" styles. In reality, they are about teaching methodology - the communication skill of the teacher and the teachers who came after him. Tomiki chose another path, blending judo and aikido to create competitive "games" in aikido. Shioda was chosen by people to teach aikido as self-defense. Dealing with mass of people (staff in departmental stores and police personnel in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police), Shioda had to take a different approach - the style of teaching in Yoshinkan is quite similar to karate classes where each techniques is taught in a step-by-step (kata) manner.

If one understands the concept of Shu-Ha-Ri, one would see ultimately that the "styles" lead to the same goal and point. Over time, O Sensei had trained students at various stages of his life - at the time when he was in his physical prime and at the time of his spiritual prime. This was evolution of his chosen art throughout his lfetime and if the students had/have stayed with him throughout this time, they too would have evolved with him and their skill and perceptions would also continue to evolve after him - this is a natural process of growth of wisdom. (Just compare the Wright brothers' plane a 100 years ago and the supersonic jets now).

It is getting too long. Maybe, other sensei can explain better.


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