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Ian Williams
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Re: "Cheating" to survive a real fight

Another issue, we practice evasion of attacks with tai-sabaki. Are Aikidoka in general too "scared" to get hit? Getting punched or kicked in a real fight is inevitable, its easy in a classroom situation to just stop right there and try again from the beginning but shouldnt we also be able to apply technique even when a hit has been landed?
what a peculiar thing to say... We practice Tai-Sabaki to get ourselves off of the line of attack so we don't get hit. Why is this strange? If someone is stabbing me with a knife, my PRIMARY response should be to irimi or nagashi off the line of attack - and then I can worry about disarming or deflecting or what ever technique I want to use.

I don't win any bravery awards by taking a few blows/stabs to show how strong I am.
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