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Re: Is Morihei Ueshiba really O Sensei

Hum... If Osensei "soft, relaxed and immovable" then why was Hell dojo named as such?...

Ueshiba changed and his Aikido changed a lot between the pre-war years and the post war years. Shioda and Tomiki both learned at around the Hell dojo times and their Aikido is harder than Tohei's. All three are teaching different things, all called Aikido. So, does that mean that they are all wrong? No, they just learned different things.

Aikido, as taught by Ueshiba, was a living and evolving art. He encouraged his students to find their own Aikido. At least that's what I understand from the research I have done.

Sure, Ueshiba was awesome. Sure there are other Aikido sensei out there that are awesome -- Tamurai, Nariyama, Doshu, Inoue, etc... The best thing about them is you can go and learn from them directly while they are still alive. *grin*

Maybe if you wanted to know the Aikido of Osensei you'd have to get shodan in Yoshinkan, Shodokan, Aikikai, Ki-soc and Imawa... And even then, what would you really know?

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