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Mark Balogh
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Re: Is Morihei Ueshiba really O Sensei

Bronson - This is getting interesting.

1) Saotome Sensei said that being uke for O'sensei was like attacking and being thrown by a ghost. I believe (and some may disagree) that O'sensei at his peak was the finest practioner of aikido that has ever been. He was soft, relaxed and immovable. Tamurai Sensei is like this, that is what I mean by the best I've seen (in the flesh). I have never come across anyone (hard style or soft style) who has disputed his aikido. I think following O'sensei's example it is clear what "better" is.

2) A wider variety of the people? You are suggesting a martial art for the masses? Is that good for aikido technically? I don't have the answers but personally I am very intrigued by how and what O'sensei taught his close students, when they had one on one tuition and like.

What do you think BD?
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