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purchasing a katana

I know this might be a little off topic here, but i figured this was
the best place to recieve unbaised help.

I am looking into the purchase of a new katana. I want something that
is traditional, at least in appearance and something that would hold
up to competition should i decide to compete.

I've looked at a few swords from a few different places. If anyone
out there had any information, pros, cons, comments,
anecdotes...please, share them with me. Spare my wallet the agony of
a sub-par purchase.

I'm looing to spend between $300 and $600. Ideally i want the
absolute best sword i can get.

The ones i've considered are:

Paul Chen Practical II Katana
Paul Chen Practical Plus II Katana
Kris Cutlery Katana 29
Last Legend Tsunami katana
Last Legend Field Mk I katana
Last Legend Field Mk V Katana
Last Legend Folded Field Mk VII katana

I'm currently leaning toward the Kris 29, but i am attracted to the
Last Legend swords. Especially the Mk V and Mk VII.

I appreciate any help with this.

thank you,
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