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Re: Is Morihei Ueshiba really O Sensei

Hi all,

Did Marco Polo introduced spaghetti to the Chinese or did he introduced Chinese noodles to the Italians? That's a hot discussion topic in the office last night. Finally, someone suggested that it boils down to the ingredients that are required to make noodles/spaghetti and the source of the ingredients during Marco Polo's time.

I tend to agree with the majority that M Ueshiba truly deserved the title of O Sensei. He left us his recipes and instructions and it is up to us to vary to satisfy our taste buds - a more of this or a less or that, more heat or less heat etc. Years after his passing, we are still fascinated with the "dishes" he created albeit they are not identical (in appearance & favor) with his.

AsimHanif wrote:
<snip>.. It says something significant that Osensei produced THOSE great leaders. Have those same great leaders produced as high a quality?
Remember Osensei also produced Nishio, Hikitsuchi, Ueshiba K., not to mention Kanai, Yamada, Tamura, Saotome, etc. I don't know but sounds like a Great Teacher to me..(snip>
Asim (& others),

Not meant to offend/discredit any Shihan (living or demised). I have posted this in another thread before but did not receive any direct answer (sensitive issue I believe). Coming from my professional backgrounds where accuracy and specifics count, who are/were direct and who are/were indirect students of O Sensei? I read somewhere in the Aikido Journal that except for Kanai sensei, the first wave and most of the second wave of teachers from Aikikai in the States were direct students of Tohei sensei who was the head instructor at Hombu at that time.



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