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Exclamation Re: Ueshiba vs. Gun Squad

DGLinden wrote:
One of the saddest days of my life was the day I was invited to sit in the first row at a David Copperfield show. I saw how he did each and every trick except making a full sized running automobile appear inside a circle of people holding hands. Once you know how a magical thing happens, it is no longer magic.

I saw a living Aikido shihan cut bananas clean through without disturbing the skin; and he did it with ki alone. I describe it in the first chapter of my book and then tell how he did it. I'd also like to say that stories have a way of getting more and more out of proportion to what actually happened. Wine from water, indeed!
Hasn't it been said that "The truth shall set you free"? Although there may be less magic in your life, it is replaced by more truth.

I recall seeing a two volume work of "Chi Tricks" used by Chinese Masters which was all simple stage illusion. BTW turning water into wine was one of the illusions.

Some people have a need to believe. I like looking behind the curtain, because I have a need to know.

It is not practice that makes perfect, it is correct practice that makes perfect.
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