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Re: Is Morihei Ueshiba really O Sensei

Ted, I enjoy the premise of your argument. I think it makes for an interesting discussion.
The first line of your post says
"The term O Sensei indicates a truly great teacher. This is someone who not only instructs, but inspires. It is a term that can apply to a teacher on any subject."

Can this not be attributed to Ueshiba Sensei? I think there is ample evidence to support this. For he has truly inspired many; some who were born many years after his death.
Although you listed 3 great innovators of aikido can you factually state that any of them has had the impact on the art of aikido as Ueshiba Sensei? It says something significant that O'Sensei produced THOSE great leaders. Have those same great leaders produced as high a quality?
Remember O'Sensei also produced Nishio, Hikitsuchi, Ueshiba K., not to mention Kanai, Yamada, Tamura, Saotome, etc. I don't know but sounds like a Great Teacher to me.

If others have elated O'Sensei to divine status, then IMO they just don't get it.
Also when you say
"...Morihei Ueshiba cannot be called O Sensei because in their estimation, he was never able to train someone up to his level."

This is like talking about the value of capital in todays market compared to the market of 60 years ago. You have to look at what would be the worth of that capital in todays terms or vice-versa. This is a struggle to really nail down.

I love the argument though.
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