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Re: honorary dan ranking

Hi Robert;

We have a member board and rank is displayed. I suppose a certain amount of distinction is also made but really not that much. We have a strongly developed curriculum so what you practice is dictated by rank and who teaches you is also dictated but generally people know who's hot and who's not. There is not an immediate run to the highest rank for everything. It really is just a rough guide just as the sempai/kohei thingy.

We also use colored belts for regular members (i.e. non-students). Generally it works out to one color change a year after that you get stuck with uninspiring black. The first color (light blue) is just so chic. It does serve a certain purpose in a larger dojo and in the early days might even provide a little prize for hard training but personally I could go either way. I just wanted to comment that colored belts may have been Western in origin but some Japanese dojos latched right on.

One thing that always makes me wonder is the concern for status at mudansha rank. It's just so transitory - one kyu grade more or less is nothing in the grand scheme of things. Neither of course is yudansha rank <---politically correct observation.

Agree with most/all of your post. Just tossing in some added perspective.

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