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Re: honorary dan ranking

If I may add something to this thread...

The importance of Rank is a very, shall I say, western ideal. A different color belt for each level. An elaborate procedure for receiving your certificate.

At the Hakodate dojo, if a certificate arrives, and the student is present, Sensei will call a rest break. Everyone lines up and the student is called forward. The student receives the document and returns to their place in line. In the case of a new Shodan, we all wait until the Hakama is put on and then continue preacticing. There is no member board to show status.

In Japan, you never know if the guy infront of you on the street is a 6th dan Karateka or Judoka. To be honest, I have respect for all the members of the Dojo regardless of rank. Anyone at anytime can be in a position to help you improve.

If your Sensei decides to give an honoary level to someone, what is it to you? Ask yourself. "Who are you to second guess your instructor?" or perhaps, "What does my Sensei know that I dont? If after this you still have a bug up your ###, then go and ask your Sensei point blank.

I mean really, having all this anxiety over someone elses rank is really silly. I am not trying to offend anyone, just put things in there proper perspective.

If I have offend, oh well...

Robert Sims

PS I almost forgot. To the Anon who started this thread...
if you have a beef and want to vent it, at least have the cajones to use your name. I might take your problem a little more seriously.

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