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Re: 5th kyu test advice for a begginer

To Steven,
Congratulations. I have also been to the Hombu Dojo. The difference in the testing elements is directly related to image.

In Japan "Shodan" means the beginning. Having reached "Shodan" in Japan, it means that you have the required abilities to really begin training. Before I reached "Shodan", all the dojo Yudansha were very gentle, throws done slowly. After I received "Shodan" all that changed. I was a fellow Yudansha and the serious training began. It was open season on the Gaijin.

In most western cultures (meaning US, Canada, UK) "Shodan" is a mark of excellence. The final hurdle to be overcome, before you become a Aikido teacher. This is why the training takes longer and the testing more comprehensive.

My advice to you is dont worry so much about the testing. Aikido is about your personal development. Have confidence in yourself and it will all work out in the end.

Robb Sims
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