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Re: Is Morihei Ueshiba really O Sensei

Any time someone founds an art, it is often assumed that they are the greatest authority on that art.Morehei Ueshiba accomplished something that many of us would be truly blessed to accomplish ourselves. Was he infallible? Absolutely not. However, look what has happened to Aikido. It is a form that has changed into several different styles. Not to mention as far as martial arts go it is still relatively young. If anyone earns the right to be deemed O-Sensei it would be the founder. Aikido is not the same now as it was when M. Ueshiba founded it, but consider this. Compare Aikido in O-Sensei's time to what it is now, Comparatively speaking O-Sensei knew more than anyone about Aikido in his time. In the "modern" era though, no one is a complete authority on all forms of Aikido, because it has grown and changed. I have always treated O-Sensei's memory with the utmost respect. I don't think the question raised in this post ever truly was "is Morehei Ueshiba a deity of some sort?" the question posted was: is he worthy of the title O-Sensei? If he never founded it, it may or may not have ever existed. But we do know this. It currently exists because he DID found it. IMHO that alone earns him the title of O-Sensei.
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