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Re: Aikido against very high kicking (like in tae kwon do)

A kick has a limited effective range. This means that it only has power in a small focused area at the end of it's arc.

Kicking something is like hitting a golf ball. It's real easy to hit a golf ball if it's on a tee, but if you put the ball on the back of a mouse and then try to hit it, it becomes increasingly difficult if not impossible. (just an analogy)

So maai is a given, then movement comes next. It's hard to change the arc of a kick once it's launched.
That being said, a good kicker will set you up so you will move into where he wants you.

Kickers have to plant their foot to deliver energy. This leaves them vulnerable to an attack.
Kickers have a limited effective range, so it is possible to jam their techniques, or move off the line of attack.
Most of the time a kickers nose will be over his knee when he kicks. try this out yourself and see.
This lets you know where his balance leg is. You can use this to your advantage. In most cases, the head movement to set up a kick is a good give away that an attack is coming. If his head moves to your right, then the kick will come from the left etc.

I hear all the time from TKD karate etc. players that a heel kick is so powerful, but in my experience, I've never had one be able to land it at all. A strong front thrust kick (not a hopping TKD competition style kick) is one of the hardest to defend against. It has power, and is good to get distance with and because it's straight on, it's harder to be telegraphed as opposed to a round house kick. A spinning back kick is also a good kick. A kicker can throw a hook punch but really is using it to distract you and set up the spinning back kick. (they are extremely fast).

Like any good art, you have to set your opponent up to knock him down. Kicking arts do the same thing, but by exploiting their weaknesses and sticking with aikido principles of maai, movement and blending that you learn will negate the power and effectiveness of their kicks.

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