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Greg Jennings
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Re: If you have trained in both Aikikai and Iwama, please help me...

Mark Balogh wrote:
That's great thank you, I wish you would comment more though!
Oh, I'll talk with you about the Iwama teaching method, etc. till I'm blue in the face. I'd also be happy to ask that type of question to Goto Sensei for you.

I just won't say any more about Inagaki Sensei other than to say that everything I've heard is very positive from my perspective.

One thing I will say is what is publicly available: Saito Sensei originally introduced Witt Sensei (when he first went to Iwama) to Inagaki Sensei something like "This is Inagaki. He's 3rd dan aikido, 8th dan fighting".

There was also a quote that he worked his way through college as a bodyguard.


Greg Jennings
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