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In defense of Aikikai...

Mark Balogh wrote:
My opinions on Aikikai are...
Cons: Sometimes training can be unmartial, lack reality/depth (people fall without you doing anything), can be a bit clicky/snobby!
I'm sorry to hear that it sounds like doing Aikikai in your neck of the woods is rather unrealistic, ineffective, and a bit of a drag. I wouldn't, however, write off all of Aikikai in general based on your experiences in it so far --- I can strongly vouch from my own at the current Aikikai dojo I train in that what we do contradicts every single "Con" you've listed for Aikikai on a regular basis. (Incidentally, we've even got one student who trains mostly in Iwama at another dojo and comes to ours to supplement his training; he's said that he finds folks at our dojo willing to train harder than at his home dojo ) As alluded to earlier, it all depends upon your Sensei.

You're more than welcome to visit our dojo and train here if you're ever in Winnipeg, Canada --- in the meantime, good luck in finding a dojo you like in your area!


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