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Mark Balogh
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If you have trained in both Aikikai and Iwama, please help me...

Hi Everyone,

I have always trained in the Aikikai and I would like to know if anyone has done this for a long period and then trained in Iwama (or vice versa). Or maybe you have done both styles at the same time.

I have always had a soft spot for the Iwama style. I like what I have heard Saito Sensei say on video, I LOVE the weapons (and practise them) and the syllabus seems so comprehensive.

Could you tell me a bit about other Iwama Sensei's and there approach? I have taken a course with an Iwama 6th Dan but have not seen anyone above that level (have heard a lot about Inagaki Sensei though).

I'd like to hear your FRANK opinions on Iwama training and what it is like to train on Iwama mats. I have done some Iwama courses and asked friends this, but I'd like more opinions. My opinions on Aikikai are...

Pros: Fantastic access to a various styles of aikido, Sensei's usually have excellent sensitivity skills and balance taking ability, there is a lot of flexibility and constant development going on.
Cons: Sometimes training can be unmartial, lack reality/depth (people fall without you doing anything), can be a bit clicky/snobby!

I am really interested in what you have to say so please tell me all! Thanks in advance.
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