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Re: Aikido against very high kicking (like in tae kwon do)

Rant to follow.

The politically correct answer is that they are impractical and we don't need to train against no 'steenkin' kicks. The second politically correct answer is that they are too dangerous and we'd rend our limbs from our bodies. There is also some weird cultural mojo that seems to come into play here with feet being less spiritually pure, seriously, than hands, or whatever.

Maybe that wasn't too politically correct?

The reality is that your experience is about normal and that people, for the most part*, aren't teaching it. When challenged on it they almost always fall back to my earlier comments but really they can't substantially back up their comments because even if they are accurate there's no tested substance. It's just a hollow repeating of the mantra.

Just to simulate the problem I know that Hans Goto did some work with another local MA teacher and they put together a program on kicking. They even got themselves written up in Aikido Journal and according to Hans Goto they didn't get any interest from the aikido world.

"Thud" is the sound of one foot kicking in the aikido world.

I don't know how many classes I've attended over the years but lets say 2,000 for this rant and if I said 10 of them had anything, and I mean even 15 minutes, to do with kicking I'd be exaggerating. Has anyone even demonstrated against a kick in the Aiki-Expo? Even once?

I suppose if it doesn't bother anyone else then it shouldn't bother me.

Here endeth the rant.

Jeremy, I can offer you some answers but now I'm much too depressed.

* I know some of you practice kicks and some styles actually even have it included in the curriculum but honestly everyone here knows of what I speak.
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