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Re: Screaming white belt newbie

cuguacuarana wrote:
I get the voices too, but you just have to keep practicing and try and forget about them. Right? I think that I'm starting to forget about those unproductive voices little by little.
Actually... I've been working lately within a counseling system that guides you to listen to your voices with compassion, even the nasty ones. They're only trying to be helpful in the ways that they know how.

One of the wildest experiences is to sit down and listen to one of those guys rattling on about how "you'll never be good enough, you're a klutz", etc. etc. and to whisper to it softly, "Hey. Why do you keep saying that?"... and then to actually hear an answer! So often, my inner critic is either just parroting things I've heard since I was a kid, or else trying to convince me not to do something that I might fail at or be hurt by.

They're trying to protect me; I'm working to thank them.

Those parts of my personality work so hard -- so I try to thank them for that, and try to convince them to trust me, and to release their death-grip on my self-respect. When I do that, often those "voices" (for lack of a better term) will loosen up and free a tremendous amount of energy that I can use for healthy things instead. It's amazing.

Blend and harmonize, respond with compassion, redirect the energy to a better path... isn't that aikido?

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