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Re: Screaming white belt newbie

John Boswell wrote:
There are a select few people who "know who they really are" and to go off looking for what you already know is only confusing. I did that some years ago, but found in the end I "knew" me after all. However, one thing aikido WILL do is refine and strengthen the You that you know and you'll end up better, stronger, more confident and sure of yourself in the end.
Maybe it's too early to say who I really am. I've learned recently just how much I talk myself down, and one of my practices has been to learn a little self-compassion... which is easy enough to perform when you're concentrating on it, and not so easy when you're concentrating on rolling and on being *aware* of those voices.

So far, I've learned that I'm harder on myself than sensei is likely to ever be.

Then those voices in your head will become more encouraging... as opposed to my voices which are numerous and annoying as all hell.
Pfft. I have one who only speaks in song lyrics. You ever get a song in your head, stop to listen, and realize that what you're singing to yourself is actually *relevant* to the situation in some way? Oy.

Anyways... Good luck with your training! Don't worry too much about the scary stuff, just keep working at it and the skill and confidence will come in time.
Thanks so much, John! Next lesson is on Monday...

PS - can anyone tell me what these symbols all mean?
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