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Re: Screaming white belt newbie

Mary -- I never said they were "good" rolls... and this morning I learned that it is, in fact, possible to have a stiff and sore butt without having stiff and sore legs. VERY weird -- usually I get those muscles sore when hiking of climbing a lot of stairs or something, so they all get sore together.

Josh -- I only make myself scream, and then only internally. I can't *believe* how loud those voices get... I mean, I've always had them speaking to me, I've always known they were there; I just never quite took the time to really pay attention to what they do when I'm not calm and meditative.

Our dojo is headed by Thomas Burdine-soke three nights a week, and by Matt-sensei and Phil-sensei on Wednesdays. (I don't know their last names, and anyway everyone else just calls them Matt-sensei and Phil-sensei, so...) All three of them feel "right"; balanced, laid back, with good senses of humor and a healthy dose of genuine encouragement. We won't discuss what a hottie Phil-sensei is.

Last night, Phil-sensei was working with me on rolls and saying, "of course you're going to get it wrong; everybody gets it wrong; there are whooooole lot more ways to do each and every one of these moves *wrong*, and you've got to go through them all in order to work your way toward doing it right."

I said, "so I'm *exploring*," and he just grinned and nodded. I proceeded to explore how dizzy I could get, but it's all good.
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