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Re: Screaming white belt newbie

One thing I hadn't anticipated is that some of the things which were hard and scary and painful initially--forward rolls in particular--didn't just become easier, they turned out to be *fun*. Forward rolls from a good high-energy throw are great--they remind me of body-surfing or white-water rafting. And it still amazes me that I could learn to do this at my age and with my totally unathletic background. Took me a long time, but I did it.

(If you could do two rolls your first class, you have a five-month headstart on me! I was the despair of the dojo for about that long, and then finally learned how to roll literally in the ten minutes between 7:00 class and 8:00 class. We still don't understand how that happened. The people who came to both classes were flabbergasted.)

Mary Kaye
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