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Re: Screaming white belt newbie

Thank you both for the welcome!

I tried to reply to Jun earlier, but hit a wrong button and lost my post... so I'll reiterate as best I can:

Challenge -- heh. Ohhhhh, yes. Already experiencing the "challenge" part of aikido.

Joy -- welllll.... I recently learned to drive a stick-shift (better late than never), and surprised my husband with my focus. I was *going* to *learn* how to *drive* this *car* if it was the *last* thing I *ever* *did*. He had never seen me so determined to do anything before.

Surprise, darling...

Anyway, right now it's kinda like that. I know it will be worth so much to me to learn these things; so even though, right now, I expect to be doing nothing *but* forward rolls for the NEXT TEN YEARS, I still am determined to learn them no matter what. My kidneys may never forgive me.

Thank you both!
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