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Re: This Forum Just Lost Credability it had Left.

I'm new to the AikiWeb culture, but there is another forum where I post that is surprisingly light on trolls (except around the time of American schools' Spring Break, imagine that)... and the reason it is so light on trolls is because we, the community as a body, have chosen a very simple way to handle them.

In essence, we laugh them off the board.

If you're posting what is in all honesty a simple question, ignorant perhaps but honest, you will be welcome in the forum of which I speak. If, however, it is obvious that you are merely "trolling" for a reaction from us, what you will get are corrections on your grammar, corrections on your spelling, invitations to clarify your point of view, surrealist responses to your equally surreal troll-posts, and so forth.

The moderators will ban trolls if they persist in being a problem, but since most of the people who are trolling are doing it for recreation -- they WANT to rile up the board -- most of them are instead so bewildered by our response that they leave, because we simply won't give them the stress and angst that they're after. Which means that most of the time, the moderators don't even have to deal with the trolls, because we "regular" posters get to them first.


Now, AikiWeb is considerably larger than the forum I'm talking about (it's for fans of a sci-fi tv show, in case you're curious), so I don't know if that technique could be consistently applied here. What do folks think?

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