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Re: Aikido on National Geographic

Ian Williams wrote:
yep.. she seems a very talented lady and I love the way the she gives anything a go. probably a bit too much of each episode is taken up with the obligitory "Josette begs the leader/sensei to take her in as a live in student for the life of the documentary only"...
I enjoyed the program, one of the better one's I've seen on Aikido. I too was a little mesmerised at this, she has apparently been studying Aikido for a couple of decades, and looks good at it too, so I was a bit suprised at the "faux pas" she mentions when signing up at Iwama. Then she was accepted, signed as an uchi deshi, and was gone........

It was interesting that the cameras were in place in the room before she came into meet Saito sensei, before she was initially rebuffed etc. Kinda makes you wonder whether there wasn't some sort of script involved.

Having said that, I'm picking holes, there have been much worse documentaries with a lot less content.

Over all it was a good piece, I'd like to see all of the dropped footage of Hikitsuchi sensei, Yamada Sensei, Saito sensei etc.

Does anyone have any more info on her Aikido background? I've done a bit of googling, but everything points to the programme, nothing to her background.



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