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Re: what is your best movie related to the martial arts


I'm not sure how any serious martial artist can find the "john woo" wire fighting stuff enjoyable..
It's not a "John Woo" thing, it's an HK thing. Woo has made very few martial arts films, actually. He's best known for "A Better Tomorrow" (and sequels), "The Killer", "Hard Boiled" and "A Bullet in the Head".

Wire work and "bullet time" are here to stay. The impact of "The Matrix" on action films in general and fight choreography specifically is huge. It's hard to see a film that doesn't have them. Maybe there will be a return to more "real" choreography at some point in the future.

BTW, everyone who mentioned Zatoichi might be interested in checking out "The Duellists". The sword choreography is quite good and the story is top notch.

Btw, can I list animes too?
Sure. But if you say "Ranma 1/2" you're in trouble!


Carradine was fantastic in "Kill Bill vol. 2" I don't believe he's ever delivered a finer performance.
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