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Re: honorary dan ranking

As a member of the same club I would like to address this for clarification.
FIRST of all, this is the Anon board, meaning: the original poster is anonymous and for a reason

SECOND of all, being that the original person was anon, how do you know its not another dojo?

NOW... before you answer number two, first figure out... why go anon in the first place?
1) You need to go read Jun's post on why this forum is here
2) You need to knock off saying anything else specific.

Right now, people can determine your I.P. address and thereby the city and country of origin. From that, someone can learn just what dojo you are in and then who it is you are talking about here... on the Anon Board.

This is not a place to air out dirty laundry. This is a safe place to ask questions and get answers without hurting peoples feelings and reputations. With the introduction of John Somebody up there, we now have anonimity flying off into no where and people and reputations are now potentially on the line.

Think before you speak.

Better yet, get facts... ALL the facts first. So far, all I've heard here is opinion and speculation. I wonder if the original author EVER spoke to his/her sensei about this situation before coming here? I wonder if that John Person ever did?

Have a good day all. Tread lightly.

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