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Re: honorary dan ranking

[quote=DGLinden]Anony..., oh, you know who you are...
Some of the things that beginners (anyone under sandan or 50 years old) don't understand about rank are: your life experience is considered when promotions are considered; your physical condition is considered when testing is considered; what you contribute to the dojo is considered when rank is considered; how you help the kohai is considered when rank is considered. Did you show up for the cleaning and fixing-up weekend? Did you spend sixteen hours setting up a promotion for the dojo? Are you available for white belts to talk to when they need some talking to...?QUOTE]

As a member of the same club I would like to address this for clarification. If the guy in question did all of these things I could agree with what you are saying.But the problem in this case is that the guy doesn't do any of these things. He just shows up once and a while, talks with our instructor, and then leaves. He does not contribute to the club. The real kicker for some of us is when his picture was included on the club website.

[quote=DGLinden] Beginners (anyone under sandan...) put so much to-do over rank. Rank is not important.QUOTE]

As someone before asked, if that were true, then why give it at all? If the best that this guy can do is earn say 5th kyu, then why not award him that and be proud of it. If the dan rank is just our instructors way of showing gratitude and respect, then shouldn't shodan be enough?
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