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I agree with you, Larry. An example. I'm in an independent, yet traditional, dojo. A friend of mine moved to another area for med school, and became involved with a "federation" style and came back to practice recently. I've been to some of their schools, and they emphasize uke keeping "connection" to nage even as he falls, as in a kokyu-ho exercise, which is very unnatural to me. (My beleif is it's nage's duty to keep the connection if the technique is to be real.)
At any rate, he came back, and when a technique didn't work that way, he tried to muscle me through it, which to me showed that an altered emphasis can result in one dojo in unnatural practice (and false-sense-of-security results) that doesn't translate across the board to other dojos.
So, I agree

May the force be with you!
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