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Re: honorary dan ranking

Can't be worse than the infamous 5th Kyu Shihan.

One of my favorite people started Aikido when he retired which was about 6 months before I joined the dojo. We did our Shodan together and in fact he was my uke for part of it - I nearly killed him in my enthusiasm. While I was away he was promoted to Nidan and now sort of matches the description given above. Lots of talking and to be blunt often goes off on some pretty strange tangents.

However, while I know my ability to actually physically do Aikido exceeds his, I also know that there are people junior to me in age and experience that far exceed myself. There also seems to be a variation in what's expected for the various grades or more to the point should a 70 year old man be required to take the same level of physical abuse that a 20 something athletic college student with a talent for Aikido should take. These are not honorary Dan ranks - these are adjusted Dan ranks. The truly honorary ranks never train.

Anyway Daniel is correct. Its not about rank its about your own Aikido.

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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