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Re: New AikiWeb Forums Software

Hi Yann,
Yann Golanski wrote:
Biggest problem I see: No spelling checker in quick reply. Please, can we have it back so I can pretend I can write English?... Thanks.
Yup. It's just a feature that I need to re-incorporate that I didn't quite feel like getting to last night at 2am. I should have it re-integrated today or real soon otherwise...
Apart from that, I've seen no problems so far -- well, apart from the "no new post" when I launch Firefox every morning but that maybe a firefox problem.
Odd; I use Firefox as well and haven't seen that problem.

You might want to try clearing your cookies (either all of them or selectively deleting all cookies through Tools/Options/Privacy/Cookies) and seeing how it goes...
I really like the new design.

-- Jun

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