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honorary dan ranking

Something has been bothering me and some others from our club for a long time now, and I needed a place to vent where others with experience could tell me if we were just over reacting.A long while ago an old guy at our club was awarded his nidan.Now this woundn't be so bad if he'd actually earned it.He was already given his shodan. He couldn't do the full test because of his age.Okay, I might be able to agree with awarding the guy an honorary shodan, but enough is enough.The guy doesn't really even train, and he doesnt even know basic dojo etiquette.Our instructor seems to have a big h--d on for this guy and can't see that it's really anoying to many including me.Is there anything we can do, can we talk to our teacher or do we just have to grin and bear it when this guy shows up for his yearly visit and is awarded his sandan?
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