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I do have one anecdote of using aikido while driving (which is not exactly what the question asks) - I was at a light, going to go straight, and the person behind me wanted to turn right. I noticed her b/c she was flipping me the bird and generally having a fit that I was in her way.

Now, my initial response was to pull away from the green like a dottering old guy at about 2mph just to get her goat; this was followed by an even better idea - having made her wait, NOW I'd turn right!

But instead I took the high road and decided that just b/c she was being aggressive didn't mean that I had to allow that to influence me; goading her wasn't going to help her, and engaging in such passive-aggressive behavior wasn't going to improve my lot any, either. And so I "maintained my center" and just let her do her thing

"In a pleasant spring morning all men's sins
are forgiven"
Thoreau, Walden
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