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Sword and Aikido

C.E. Clark (Chuck Clark) wrote:

The points you make are interesting and I agree. Having students that are seriously training in Shinto Muso ryu and Katori Shinto ryu, I see a lot of improvement in their tai jutsu. Distancing, timing, and precision in the hasuji of their waza are some of the immediate things that come to mind. It just makes it so clear to me that aiki waza are truly based in cutting prinicples.

Thanks for taking the time to give us your thoughts on training.
Hi Chuck!

I'm still incorporating some of the stuff we did at your seminar in Woodinville. Thanks!

In another discussion (on the AJ site) I talked about the different ways in which one energizes a blade. You can put your energy primarily in the tip as in cutting, you can energize the blade as a whole as in slicing, or you can put most of your energy in the handle in order to do a slipping movement.

Each one of those possibilities has a direct empty hand equivalent relating to whether you put your energy in your hands, your forearm, or your elbow. In attempting to teach this I have found that students who have a decent sword background get it much more easily than those who don't.

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