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Chuck Clark
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Mark Dobro wrote:
I disagree with the analogy with music though, Chuck. Every singer has their own voice, just as every pianist has different weight and timing, every wind player their own vibrato, etc. They play within the notes their way, so I think Music sits very well as an analogy for finding your Aikido "voice".
Thanks for the comments Mark. I think your point above about music is true. What I was trying to get across is that through the practice of the basic fundamentals of music and the fact that there is a notation system that is very clear, people that have developed a facility with those basic tools can then develop and present their own "style" as you mention. If everyone that wanted to learn music had to imitate a master playing songs in their own style without those tools for learning fundamentals, I doubt we would have the vast number of really proficient musicians that we do in the world.

I see a lot of similarities in the practice of budo and music (and many other art forms).

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