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jfearon wrote:
I know very little about Tomiki Aikido since I am a member of the British Aikido Federation. I do know however that Tomiki Aikido has some elements of competition in it.
Does anybody think competition is going against all that Aikido is? Would O Sensei approve of it if he were still about today? All though O Sensei did say that Aikido should evolve, is it right to evolve it into competition. Aikido is a true Budo martial art, and should not involve competition. Competition brings out peoples egos, and selfishness. Is this what we want to see in Aikido.
There is nothing wrong with competition. Its a great way for people to test their techniques.

Ego, capitalism and greed is what society is based on. You can't escape it. Everyone wants to be better than the next guy. Nobody wants to be last.

People will be egotistical no matter what they are doing. I have met many aikido instructors who have very big egos basically because they hide behind easy techniques and ukes with good ukemi. Its very easy to get over confident.

Generally people who do competition have more respect for other practitioners. Their ego is just their way of encouraging themselves and psyching out the competition.

Personally I think aikido should have more competition. Its done good things for almost all martial arts.

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