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Nathan Gidney (p00kiethebear) wrote:

"What the hell did that prove?"
That, infact, straight lines are a lot faster than circles?

Had a similar thing happen to me playing chasey with kids. It should be archived here someplace.

Everyone has blindspots until experience comes a' knocking. A good while back, before I started BJJ, I visited a friend's BJJ school. I attempted to throw my opponent with a hip throw. My opponent jumped on my back, dragged me to the floor and sent me to sleep.

Made me think long and hard about judo. Came to realize that turning your back on your opponent ain't too bright. Ever since then, I try and stick to forward facing throws, as well as learning the rudiments of greco roman wrestling.

Same thing for aikido. Fall down, learn, get back up, do something different.

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