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Michael Neal
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maybe you could make a fillet out of me too Aleksey I have no idea of your skill level, other martial arts, fighting experience, etc.

I am just saying that it is very unlikely most Aikidoka could walk into a Judo dojo like several here have written and pull off all kinds of submissions and throws on their first day of class. In fact even in heavy randori I let beginners have a few throws because I really do not want to discourage them and randori is about practice not competition.

It is also impossible to judge much of anything by one or even several classes. If you really want to test your skills enter a Judo competition or ask somoene in class to go randori with you holding nothing back.

i do agree that you should probably stick to one or the other Judo or Aikido because both are rather dmeanding and take alot of time and patience to learn and progress.

I like Aikido I just don't think the training methods really prepare you to walk into a Judo dojo and start putting the smack down on people unless you are really really big, super strong, or have tons of varied martial arts experience and fighting experience.
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