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Larry Camejo (L. Camejo) wrote:
Peter, I've been told that Waki is one of those techs that are impossible to counter once it's on. What do you think?
Impossible is well impossible.

Properly executed it is very tough to deal with and Nariyama Shihan apparently said that when Tomiki had hold of you it might as well have been the devil. He didn't even have to grab the wrist - the kime on the forearm was that strong. The other great advantage of the technique is the ability to escallate - control to break. Nasty.

Improperly executed. Well this guy may by Nariyama Shihan's sempai but there is plenty wrong with the technique. The most telling problem is the leg placement - uke can sweep if only the arm could be rotated. Fortuneately for uke the grip allows it.

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