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Michael Neal wrote:
Hey folks "light randori" is basically taking turns throwing eachother with light resistance. You allow people to throw if they get good kushushi. To say that you went in to a Judo class and were throwing Judoka around is kind of unbelievable. If you did throw people it is because they let you.

I welcome you to come to my Judo school (we are only a recreational sport Judo club) and try applying those moves. You may pull them off on rank beginners but unless you are something like a sandan in Aikido you will likely get dumped over and over again. And try them doing full randori not "light."
First of all, going to this dojo is not the first time I've experimented with someone from another art.

Second of all, the first student was "light randori".

The other student has gotten quite serious.
We were moving around together with a mutual grab, trying to set up a throw.
Or at least, he was.
He negated most everything I tried.

I got him into a sankyo once, he fell another time as he invested himself into a throw which I evaded, but after that most of the time he was landing me on the floor.

I'm not saying that Judo is easy. Judo is tough and I respect it.

I'm quite sure that you're a tough guy Michael and that you can make a fillet out of me.

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