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[quote]do you feel that Aikido is subject to a number of unfair misconceptions from other martial artists?
[quote]Hell yes.

Not even by other martial artists but by other Aikidoka as well. I've been told that Shodokan is just a sport and would never work in self defense by Aikikai practitioners. I've been told that Aikikai would never work in self defense since they don't resist techniques and that competition is the only way to test that techniques work. I've been told by other martial artists that Aikido does not produces fighters which are any good and that studying Aikido is an evolutionary dead end. I've been told that Aikido is the ultimate martial art that always wins against anything else....

It annoys me to hear any of those descriptions and labels. So, I just sigh, nods and get back to training thinking of Tomiki-shihan words:

``Those who understand, understand perfectly''

BTW, I hold Sturgeon's Law to be true, if you _really_ want my opinion.

The people who understand, understand prefectly. York Shodokan Aikido
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