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Re: Aikido and Judo

Mark Williams wrote:
do you feel that Aikido is subject to a number of unfair misconceptions from other martial artists?
From some people yes, but this is typical in the martial arts. There is an "Everyone's own art is the best, and everyones instructor knows more" type of attitude.

I'm sure we have misconceptions of other arts as well.

I do think people attach a mystical or even religious tone to aikido, which for me is totally false.
Mark Williams wrote:
what do you feel the view of Aikido from other martial artists is?
TKD people have told me that their kicks are so devastating and powerful and that we couldn't defend against them.

Jujitsu people have told me the art is to soft. Judo people say that we would be weak if grabbed and thrown to the ground.

It's the nature of the beast to find weaknesses in other martial arts, or even between other aikido styles.
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