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Aleksey Sundeyev (shihonage) wrote:
Duval, next time you ask for similar advice, make sure to specify "please recommend things which actually worked for you in a real life situation similar to mine".
OK - wakagatamae.

For Nikkyu in the Shodokan syllabus its the first of five reversals to atemi waza. In fact it is the reversal paired to shomen-ate which is, wait for it, a push.

It's also one of the reversals you see most often in full randori and surprise, surprise I've used it in a relatively unpleasant, non-dojo environment. For such a quick movement you end up with a whole lot of control.

I've done Nikkyo under similar circumstance but should have done wakagatame. Too easy to loose control from the former.

Never even considered Shihonage. Too difficult and even so the potential for serious injury is just way too high.

Kotegeishi - don't think so. The hands of the pusher are usually about chest high - that in itself makes positioning very difficult. Kotegeishi like shihonage (which we call tenkai kotegeishi) is too easy to resist if balance is not well taken.

Wakagatame is one of the few techniques I would drill the devil out of to make you effective using just Aikido techniqes in six months. It has the potential to go from relatively safe control to brutal with only a minor shift.

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