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Sword blocking (I forget the name)

Hey everyone,
About a week ago my combative fitness teacher taught us how to block a sword slash to the neck (the entire semester has been dedicated to aikido, though I know that's not very long at all to have been learning).

Anyways, there were a few (maybe only 2?) ways of protecting oneself AND disarming the opponent. I remember the first one we learned where the sword tip is guided towards the floor, nage takes a step behind uke, and uses his (nage's) upper arm against uke's neck to essentially trip him. Nag is left with the sword in a backhand-type grip.

Now, I also remember the beginning of another block, that starts off the same way, however (if being swiped at from nage's left) the left hand slid onto one of uke's wrists and twisted (I think). Maybe it was similar to ikkyo?

If anyone can help me get my memory back it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time,
Kyle G

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